17 Dec 2013

[E:6] 1993 April 18 to 21: restarting ~ From Newcastle to Coffs narbour ~

(Pre-proofread version)
日本語版はこちら(Japanese version is here)

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1993 April 18, Fireplace around Raymond Terrace

Morning: bread
Lunch: bread
Dinner: Rice

Train $17

Today, I came near to Newcastle by train and started again.

Suddenly, a bolt o a rear carrier came out so that I fixed it with a wire. This fireplace is unpleasant as it is very smelly and there are huge ants.

ODO 37 km

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1993 April 19, Camping 20km south of from Teree

Morning: bread
Lunch: bread
Dinner: Tuna chicken rice

Glue $9, Stamp 85cents

Because of a flat tire, I really fed up today. Though there are many things to be done, I feel unmotivated as I am tried. Hang on, Takeshi.

DST 108.4km
ODO 145.4km

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1993 April 20, Caravan Park at Kempsey $6

Morning: banana, orange, unknown fruit $3
Lunch: Orange, banana
Dinner: hamburger, milk $6.5

I strained to run 126 km and became completely dizzy, and then a police came and carried me with my bicycle 14 km to Kempsey by car like patrol wagon when I was about to fall over today. It made my trip no longer "round Australia complete by bike", but I feel I found something more important. And hamburger which I made at my dinner was also good. I left one cheeseburger, but let's eat it tomorrow morning.

DST 126.04km
ODO 271.5km

---------- ----------

1993 April 21, Backpackers at Coffs narbour $13

Morning: hamburger
Lunch: bread
Dinner: Barbecue $5

Washing $2.6

I thought that it or throw a seven as I was very tired today. I should not push myself too much.

Accomodation today was a bit expensive, but it is pretty good as there are a pool and barbecue.

DST 114.15km
ODO 385.6km

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